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Suzhou Grand Garden Hotel(Yuanwailou Hotel) is located in Liuyuan Road, listening to the Millennium Bell (Hanshan Temple); Look at the four famous gardens (Liuyuan); Visiting Tiger Hill and mountain pond; I live outside the garden.
The building area of the hotel is 18000 square meters. With the unique elegant environment, fashionable decoration, humanized facilities and services, the building outside the garden has become a boutique business tourist hotel with unique Suzhou garden charm.
The hotel is designated by the government for procurement. The CBA League has designated the hotel for five consecutive years. As a supporting gymnasium and chess room, it integrates the modern flavor into it. In addition, in order to meet the needs of business guests, the hotel has also set up a conference room and a fully equipped business center.
The transformed Hotel integrates catering, accommodation and entertainment. It has elegant environment, delicious dishes, high-quality service and convenient transportation. With a first-class corporate image, it is an ideal place for you to stay for tourism, leisure and business!
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FAQs when booking at Suzhou Grand Garden Hotel(Yuanwailou Hotel)
  • What are the check-in and check-out time at Suzhou Grand Garden Hotel(Yuanwailou Hotel)?

    Check-in time is from 14:00, and check-out time is until 12:00 at Suzhou Grand Garden Hotel(Yuanwailou Hotel).

  • Does Suzhou Grand Garden Hotel(Yuanwailou Hotel) have a pool or gym?

    Yes, the hotel has a pool and gym. See details about other facilities on this page.

  • Does Suzhou Grand Garden Hotel(Yuanwailou Hotel) have a restaurant?

    Yes, you could have a meal in the hotel.

  • Does Suzhou Grand Garden Hotel(Yuanwailou Hotel) offer internet or wifi?

    Yes, please request it when you check in the hotel.

  • Does Suzhou Grand Garden Hotel(Yuanwailou Hotel) accept prepaid room charge?

    Yes, please contact us after submitting a reservation.

  • Does Suzhou Grand Garden Hotel(Yuanwailou Hotel) accept credit card payments?

    No, the hotel does not accept credit card payment.

  • How much is the breakfast at Suzhou Grand Garden Hotel(Yuanwailou Hotel)?

    Each costs cny48 for extra breakfast.

  • How much does it cost to stay at Suzhou Grand Garden Hotel(Yuanwailou Hotel)?

    The room prices is from cny388, but it may vary depending on your stay(e.g. dates, room type etc.).

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  • lisong_jp
    General, close to the scenic spot
  • william83
    Your breakfast noodles were wonderful. I had three bowls!
  • adssff
    The garden hotel is very beautiful at night, and the air is filled with the fragrance of Chimonanthus praecox. It's a hotel worth staying in
  • cainyoyo
    The facilities are a little old. It's time to change the towels. They're all raw. It's good overall.
  • brenda_tangtang
    It's a very good hotel. I'm very satisfied with my foreign colleagues, mainly because he likes the scenery here.
  • jasmineying2011
    It's near Liuyuan. The transportation is convenient. The landscape in the hotel is very beautiful. It's recommended~
  • leonig068
    Garden style, good internal environment, large room, transportation can be.
  • lovefr0826
    It's a very good garden hotel with good service and free shuttle bus to each scenic spot. The room is small but clean. Breakfast is also full of good, aozaomian to eat two bowls a day. I'll definitely come back next time.
  • e00135024
    Good environment, average facilities!
  • amy_jun7641
    The hotel is good, very personalized
  • Tonymts
    Stay for 4 nights, with good location and good environment. It is very close to Liuyuan and Shantang street. The garden is a garden structure, with ponds, rockeries, corridors, parking lots and xiaodeyuelou restaurant. It is convenient to eat and live, but the breakfast is general, there are few varieties, the fruit is not fresh, the room is small, the sound insulation is poor, the facilities are old, and the three-star level.
  • william1111
    Very good.
  • abliang888
    Good service attitude, facilities are a little old.
  • lovesontom
    not bad
  • tingdaxiaojie
    It is said that it is free to go to the major gardens in Suzhou, but after interrogation, it is only willing to go to the nearby gardens instead of the lotus root garden, because it is too small. I feel cheated... Woo
  • e03343732
    Poor hygiene to death! While sleeping, a centipede crawled out of TMD and was scared to death. Not for a second time!
  • Dale Sun
    Nice hotel
  • dymoonli
    Is the hotel OK
  • pennyegg
  • e00655222
    It's a few minutes' walk from Liuyuan. The hotel and Suzhou garden are very close. The window of the room is facing the pond of the small garden. The decoration is very classical and the service and health are also good. I see many foreigners check in
  • joy120
    Not bad~
  • Campion
    At the intersection of Liuyuan road and Tongjing Road, the location is very good. When you go out, you are in the west garden. There is 500 Luohan hall, one of the four Luohan halls in China. Walking east for five minutes, you are Liuyuan, one of the four famous gardens in China. There is Guanyun peak, the best stone of Taihu Lake in the Song Dynasty. The hotel price is not expensive, the food in the restaurant is also delicious and cost-effective.
  • JudgeWu
    Very good overall. It would be better if the bed could be wider and softer.
  • SIU_BOBO205
  • fyxcly
    The hotel environment is very good, typical Soviet style garden.
  • scarletpetal
    The location of the hotel is very good, next to Suzhou Liuyuan. The hotel environment is very good, leisure photography is very beautiful, the guest room sanitation is good, the breakfast in the restaurant is average, and the waiters are warm and thoughtful. Hotel parking is free and convenient.
  • simonng
    Too simple
  • feifan4393
    During the national day stay, the hotel service was still good, the welcoming attitude at the door was very good, the little fish and children in the courtyard liked it very much, the interior decoration was a little old, there was no children's channel on TV, there was no TV for children to watch, everything else was good.
  • song6837
    The hotel is very close to Liuyuan, good location. In particular, the hotel's free scenic spot transfer service. But the sound insulation of the hotel rooms is not good
  • ABEE521221
    Just outside the garden, it is very convenient for local tourism. There are also snack bars. A friend's family of four lived very happily! I also want to live and experience it next time.
  • oceans
    It's a very comfortable garden hotel. The only thing I'm not satisfied with is that there are few sockets in the room. It's not very convenient. I recommend it.
  • bn110
    Good location, poor sound insulation
  • ap_pong
    Fortunately, the geographical location is good
  • alfur09
    The breakfast was very good. The old facilities are acceptable, but how can the old bath towels and towels be hung there for guests? Isn't that stupid?
  • crystalie
    Shanghai business trip, self-help travel in Suzhou weekend holiday, more than ten years did not go to Suzhou, consider comparison half a day, under the guidance of friends, finally chose yuanwailou hotel. The main reason is that the location is superior and it is convenient for tourists to visit the scenic spots. Yuanwailou and Liuyuan are on the same street, only 300 meters apart. On the second day of stay, they walk to Liuyuan for a few minutes. There are also free buses to other scenic spots in the city. The second reason is the garden style decoration, three floors, each floor decoration is more elegant. The actual environment is more beautiful than the photos in other reviews. The room facilities are also OK. It's a new Chinese style. Pay special attention to the corridor from the door to the room, which is made of antique bricks. Breakfast is at xiaodeyuelou on the first floor. Taste the aozao noodles, slightly sweet soup with pepper powder, OK. The total variety is less, breakfast belongs to the three-star level. There are KFC and Rosen convenience stores nearby. Disadvantages: other customers have also mentioned the problem of sound insulation. Two tour groups came in the evening, and the corridor was full of noise. In the morning, the guide knocked on the door many times to urge each room to get up. The observation is that the sealing of the door is not good. It may be that the old door and partition wall were not dealt with during the renovation. Service problem: check in at night. When a bus passenger comes, only one attendant checks in at first, and then comes second. It's inefficient. When the breakfast master arranges the bread slices, he puts them again directly by hand, which is not very hygienic. Generally speaking, if the purpose of tourism is to stay in the garden or Humble Administrator's garden, it is recommended.
  • dramix
    External and internal are not comparable. There is a small garden outside, but the interior is like the old guest house before. There is 48 for breakfast. When you have breakfast at 8:00, you can't eat anything at all.
  • RIverJean
    The scale of the hotel is not very large, but the location is good, the transportation is convenient, it is very close to Liuyuan, the environment in the small courtyard is very good, and the facilities are a little old but very clean.
    I live here every time I travel. Good.
  • JC2008
    Visit Suzhou and live in the building outside the garden! It has the typical characteristics of Suzhou gardens. It is small and beautiful. Although the room is smaller, it also conforms to the characteristics of Suzhou! The waiter's attitude was very good. I went out to play. The charging treasure was placed at the front desk to charge. The front desk reception was serious and friendly! Xiaodeyue building is in the store. The dishes are good! It's close to Liuyuan. Very pleasant accommodation experience!
  • e01205235
    The hotel is very beautiful, very close to Liuyuan, especially the food in xiaodeyuelou is delicious.
  • tffaus
    Nice place, quiet environment
  • xintianweng8872
    It is very close to Liuyuan, Hanshan Temple and Huqiu. The garden view of the hotel is very good. Behind the hotel is a river with beautiful environment. Stay in the hotel. The hotel has just started to provide free transfers to Huqiu, Hanshan Temple and Humble Administrator's garden, which gives us a big surprise. The hotel is very cost-effective, very satisfied!
  • baidubond
    The food is delicious. The opposite is Liuyuan
  • memori
    Basically, it is a star hotel, but the executive room is too small.
  • e00012498
    Garden Hotel is very good, in line with the four-star standard
  • e00054424
    During the Chinese new year, three generations of family travel. The location of the hotel is very good. The transportation from Shanghai to the hotel is very convenient. Next to the hotel is Liuyuan, and there are many Soviet style luxury houses. I instructed the small moon building next door that I had to queue up for a long time for a meal. Generally speaking, it was pretty good.
  • lbf1214
    It's very common. It's not up to four stars. It's not even as good as two stars. The price is expensive. I'm disappointed?
  • sunoneal
    The sound insulation of the hotel is too poor. People walk in the corridor very early in the morning, which affects the rest.
  • nienie520
    very good
  • yuyiling555
    Garden Hotel, good location!
  • lr7117
    I really like the hotel outside the garden. The hotel has its own scenery. There are rockeries, flowing water, black tiles and white walls. I live here. Happiness report. If someone goes to Suzhou, it must be recommended. It's also very close to the scenic spots Huqiu and Liuyuan. My husband says that he will go there again
  • louyi730113
    It's great. The transportation nearby is convenient. The breakfast is also good. I'll stay next time
  • abcdefg100
    Yes, the hotel is very convenient to travel. It's quiet in the middle of trouble. The service is very good. It's super five-star
  • jiwangjian
    The hotel is very clean, the courtyard is very chic, and the breakfast is better than expected. Although the hotel is not in the urban area, Suzhou is not big, and the city is congested. But it's OK to take the self driving route to the hotel, and Liuyuan is just opposite to the hotel. Generally speaking, I'm very satisfied with it. I recommend staying in! Twelve rooms were set for the Spring Festival, three nights in a row. A large family spent the Spring Festival together!
  • emma425
    Fish pond environment is good, hotel room environment is general, the price of more than 400 is expensive, the big bed room is very small, the shower toilet is transparent, the toilet is good, outside the window of the room is a row of broken houses, which is a waste of scenery
  • allenlgb
    The location is very good, but it must be an old hotel. The facilities inside can't be compared with the new hotel, but on the whole, it still deserves a four-star hotel. The service of the hotel staff is very good and friendly, especially the Olympic stove noodles in breakfast: it's really delicious!!!
  • e02814476
    It's 500 meters away from Liuyuan, 20 minutes' walk from qilishantang, and there's a direct bus to Zhuozheng garden, so the traffic is very convenient. The hotel itself is a garden. The food in xiaodeyuelou is delicious! The hotel is very cost-effective.
  • peteralstom
    It's a good hotel. The environment is beautiful, clean, business and accommodation. It's also very close to the office and the facilities are very good. In a word, it's a very satisfactory journey.
  • Dongming
  • cctv1999
    The location of the hotel is very good, the front desk service is also very friendly, all kinds of facilities are relatively new, travel is also very convenient, the room is clean and tidy, and will come again if necessary.
  • luxuan1984
    My wife is very satisfied, thank you
  • e00669178
    The facilities are a little old, the transportation is convenient, and the service is very considerate. The main scenic spots in the city are picked up and sent by the hotel free of charge
  • leyao27
    The service is worth enjoying. There are also free vehicles to scenic spots. The master's attitude and service were excellent.
  • mingyu00
    The building outside the garden is actually the building inside the garden, with convenient location and beautiful environment. Yao Huan, the housekeeper inside the building, was careful and prepared washing powder for us to wash clothes conveniently. Overall, all aspects are excellent!
  • e02150477
    I often live in a five-star hotel and am picky. This time, I tried to live in a four-star hotel outside the garden because of the moon building. The hotel garden design is small and exquisite. The fish in the pool swim leisurely. The goods in the canteen are too miscellaneous and small and crowded. It can be seen that it is contracted and operated, which is a little nonstandard. The guest room area on the lower floor has three floors in total. There are elevators and stairs, which are also very comfortable. It is not the kind of emergency fire stairs. There are several room types. I don't know them in detail. They should be good ones. They are very good rooms. The bed is 1.1m, but they are comfortable. The pillow is general, the bedding is comfortable, the bathroom is clean, the shower water volume is moderate, the shampoo is authentic, and the overall feeling is clean. Breakfast is also good. There are not many varieties, but the quality is very good. The hotel has strict requirements for its four-star standard. It seems that the management is very good. When checking out the next day, I forgot that Fozhu was in the room. The attendant on the ward round reminded the front desk and thanked the room attendant for the opportunity to check in again.
  • liangyoucn
    Good value for money. The small yuelou Hotel downstairs is full at night, and guests can't get in
  • dannyai
    The disadvantages are: compared with the old rooms, there are special advantages: good room service attitude, fast speed, and a special bus to pick up and send to various scenic spots. The geographical location is good, which is diagonally opposite Liuyuan
  • cameltt
    The hotel is very good, the surrounding environment is good, the hotel is well decorated, the service is good, everything is good!
  • gexiang88
    The service was very considerate. There was a car to the scenic spot. I was responsible for pick-up and drop off. There's a sense of home here. During this period, the child is not comfortable and can take the thermometer and meal to the room. After the check-out time, I said hello to the front desk and didn't mind. All in all, a really good hotel.
  • liveup
    I seldom come to comment before. I feel good this time. The hotel environment is good, the transportation is convenient, and it's convenient to go to the scenic spot
  • wowo19811
    The location of the hotel is very good, close to Liuyuan and Huqiu scenic spots. The hotel is also a garden style building, which is also good. The food in xiaodeyuelou restaurant tastes good. In addition, the parking lot is large and convenient.